3) Design and Creation

Here’s the fun part! We will co-design and create a piece to reflect the findings of our sessions together. We will play with symbols, test materials and explore shapes that will culminate in this intimate touchstone for your journey. Your Soul Piece takes form!  

2) Exploration

This will include a series of weekly one-hour sessions (in person or via Skype):

  • A safe place to explore and heal your authentic self
  • A compassionate environment to lovingly reclaim parts of yourself that you have denied
  • An opportunity to integrate them so you can step in and see your unique gifts.​

You will discover your treasures, strengths and uniqueness.  Much like digging in the earth and finding a vein of precious ore, these sessions will help you to strike it rich, and help uncover and polish those hidden gems to their true beauty.  It will put you on the path to discover wholeness and live a richer and more fulfilling life in an increasingly effortless way. 


The Service

​4) Soul Purpose Coaching

You have co-created a beautiful and unique Soul Piece! Now it is time to step in and you work with this powerful talisman in your life. The work we do together will support you to embody in real and practical ways the changes you are making in your life. This process will be tailored to each person and may include coaching, energy work and movement. 


The Service - a 4 Step process

To schedule your Free Consultation call Titina at 208-946-7495 

To schedule your Free Consultation call Titina at 208-946-7495 

1) Free Consultation– Is this service for you?

The creation of your Soul Piece Jewelry will commence with an initial one –hour consultation. Together, we will explore the elements in your life that you feel are missing or would like to enhance.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you feeling like something is missing inside?

Do you long for more sparkle, meaning or purpose in your life?

Do you feel lost or powerless to create change in your life?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions , this work is definitely for you​​.