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​​​​Seed of Potential Workshop

Design your own special precious metal jewelry

If you are experiencing life-changing events, or wanting to embark upon a New Vision for your life, the use of a talisman  can be a very powerful tool to anchor your transformational journey, and be reminded of those qualities you need to nurture in your "hero's journey". In many traditions, a talisman was worn for this purpose. I invite you to create your own Seed of Potential talisman.

In this workshop you:

•will be will be guided through a live online tutorial to do some PLAYFULexploration that will  inspire you to design your unique piece 

• will explore and be supported in identifying the "DRAGONS" that stand in your way of becoming your magical self and how to use tools to face them on your path.

 • will be taught a simple jewelry technique to create your own   piece in FINE SILVER with a choice of additional materials

 • your piece will be fired, finished and mailed back so you can     wear your UNIQUE  talisman.

 • receive an added option of continued coaching SUPPORT 



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