is a unique exploration to uncover yourSoul/Heart’s purposeand potential, by customizing and co-creating a piece of jewelry that will provide a powerful and very personaltouchstone, and reflect your inner essence and beauty. 

Soul Piece Jewelry

Sometimes we need a tangible reminder of our Wholeness, a connection to the thread of our Being. Perhaps we knew this as children and then forgot. What is that magical spark that makes us feel alive and lets us know that our unique qualities and gifts, our very presence, is our Purpose?


The creativity that springs from Soul Piece sessions is reflected in my website that serves as a forum and showcase for jewelry pieces and a source of inspiration for others, a Soul Collective.

My passion is to combine my skills as a creative designer/jeweler with those of Life Coach and energy healer, in order to create beautiful Touchstone reminders for those who want to fully explore and express the treasures they have to offer to the world.

I love to deeply listen to each person’s story, and it is my belief that it is in embracing with compassion all of our deepest desires, experiences, quirks and parts of our personality (even the shameful ones), the Mystery of who we are, that we are able to weave together the rich tapestry of our Being.

From personal experience, (See Bio below).I feel there are aspects of ourselves that may have been lost and yet hold the Key to our greatest personal riches. ​

As a child I grew up traveling all over the world, due to my Dutch father’s job as a geologist in oil exploration. I experienced the beauty and uniqueness of so many different cultures around the world, thanks, in part, to my parents’ interest in immersing my brother and me in the lives of the people of each country. I experienced staying with the people of the jungles of Borneo,  being dressed (badly, to the chagrin of local passersby) in a kimono to visit temples in Japan on national Girls’ Day, running around and playing hide-and-seek at night with children in the streets of Barcelona (my mother and her family are Spanish).  I also grew up speaking several languages and surrounded by many more, becoming adept at the art of translating bad English between non-native speakers.

In an attempt to create some continuity in my education, my brother and I were sent to England to boarding school and from there I went on to complete a degree in Jewelry Design in London.  It was at this time that my life began to fall apart as I sank into the painful despair of anorexia and bulimia. I was fortunate enough to seek help at the early age of eighteen and it was from this point on that my spiritual/soul questing began.


I gained experience working for other designers such as Malcolm Morris and Sarah Jordan in London, U.K. until my questing led me to the United States in 1993. Since then I have continued to design and create unique pieces, as well as teach workshops in the craft.  (Interspersed with teaching foreign languages privately and in schools.)
In the past couple of years, as part of my own healing, my interests have extended to dance as a way to access the rich wisdom of the body, Shamanic energy work and I completed a training as a Life Coach and, more recently, was initiated as a Third Degree Usui Reiki Master.